The Mannequin Look

I went into New York and Company today and saw this dress on one of the Mannequin’s that I absolutely loved. Here’s a picture of it:

I decided to try on the dress. I found my size and the dress fit. But here’s the thing about dressing rooms…they force you to look into a mirror. And what always happens when you look into that mirror?? IT NEVER LOOKS LIKE IT DID ON THE MANNEQUIN! As always it makes me depressed. Not because the dress doesn’t fit like I wanted it to…but because I was hoping to have the body of a giant doll.

What is the point of the mannequin after all? I suppose to give you some idea of what the outfit will look like on a body instead of hanger. The problem is that it’s NOT A REAL BODY. I wish that they would just completely get rid of mannequin’s and have real human workers wear the outfits.

The funny end of this story is when I went to put the dress back I saw the mannequin again. I looked at the back of it and this is what I saw:

So apparently to make the dress fit perfectly you have to where the ever stylish binder clip in the back :). Somehow this made my whole day better.