Superman vs. Batman (via

Well I’m not a big comic book nerd like my brother or anything…but this is just hilarious. You should watch it!

One of the many reasons why Superman really does kick major ass!  You might be saying to yourself, "Well, this simply proves that Superman is TOO powerful, which makes him less exciting."  While I would disagree with that statement completely, If I were to choose which Superman I'd want saving me…I'd choose Superman. [youtube More



Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change (via GIS and Science)

Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change First global map suggests climate change will have greatest impact 
on the populations least responsible for causing the problem Researchers already study how various species of plants and animals migrate in response to climate change. Now, Jason Samson, a PhD candidate in McGill University’s Department of Natural Resource Sciences, has taken the innovative step of using the same analytic tools to measure the impact of climate change on human pop … Read More

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A Disturbing Video

I found this article the other day and it had a video attached to it. It’s about 8 year old Stevo Poulin. He’s this phenomenon in wrestling because kids that age shouldn’t be that good. I watched the video and I found it nothing but disturbing. Not that I’m against wrestling or anything, but it’s scary seeing such young trouble fight like this.

Just some really cool photos

I found these photos at this site. I just thought they were so cool that I wanted to share them. These photos were taken by Skarphéðinn Þráinsson and Marco Fulle.

Everyone Loves The Old Spice Man (via Lovelyandroid)

This is one of the more brilliant ad campaigns I’ve seen in a while. So Funny!

Isaiah Mustafa, the Old Spice man, spent Tuesday making custom videos to answer some of his fan's twitter questions. I have to say again that is the best advertising campaign I have ever seen. Here is his video to Alyssa Milano: Edit: Alyssa Milano just tweeted: "Ummm — Are you sitting down??? Sit down. Ready? The @oldspice guy sent me roses!" And she just posted a picture of her flowers and … Read More

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Police Officer Punches 17-year-old girl

I found THIS ARTICLE at I’ve copied and pasted the article below with the video of the incident. I’m shocked by this whole. I can’t believe this is all because they were jay walking!

“SEATTLE — Seattle police are investigating what they call an assault of an officer in South Seattle.
However, a police officer is seen punching a 17-year-old girl in the face during the incident captured by a video camera on Monday.

According to Seattle police, the incident began when an officer spotted a man jaywalking in the 3100 block of Martin Luther King, Jr. Way S. at approximately 3:10 p.m. The man was some 15 feet away from a pedestrian overpass, police said.

The officer was talking to the man when he saw four young women jaywalk across the same street at the same spot. The officer asked the women to step over to his patrol car, but the women were being “verbally antagonistic toward the officer,” according to officials.

One of the women, later identified as a 19 year old, began to walk away from the scene despite the officer’s instructions, prompting the officer to walk over to her and escort her back to his patrol car.

The girl then “began to tense up her arm, and pull away from the officer while yelling at him,” investigators said. The officer told the girl to place her hands on his patrol car, but she refused. When the officer tried to grab hold of her, “she pulled away and twisted, breaking free of the officer’s grip several times,” the blotter report said.

When the officer tried to handcuff the girl, another girl, this one 17 years old, intervened and placed her hands on the officer’s arm, “causing the officer to believe she was attempting to physically affect the first subject’s escape,” police said.

The officer pushed back the second girl, but the girl came back at him. The officer then punched her, police said.

The officer then handcuffed the 19-year-old woman. Other officers arrived and helped handcuff the second girl.

Both teens were cited for jaywalking. The older suspect was booked into the King County Jail for investigation of obstructing an officer. The 17-year-old girl was booked into the Youth Service Center for investigation of assault of an officer.

Nobody was injured during the incident, police said.

Seattle police have not reviewed the video of the incident. Sgt. Sean Whitcomb said investigators may review the video on Tuesday.

Whitcomb said the officer involved in the incident sent out a call for help, prompting other officers to rush to his aid.

All use of force on the job is reviewed, Whitcomb said, as use of force is under the officer’s discretion. He added that punching is a trained tactic.

“There will be a thorough investigation into this incident,” he said.”

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The Next Step in Gender Equality

I found THIS ARTICLE yesterday in the New York Times and it’s a great article. It’s a little long, but I encourage everyone to read the whole thing. It talks about the increasing number of men taking parental leave in Sweden (it has reached up to 85%).Picture taken from the New York Times article.

In Swedan the law gives a 13-month paid parental leave and 2 months of that is given exclusively for fathers. The article talks more about the law and describes other countries with similar types of parental laws.

What’s great about this is that it is a huge step forward in gender equality. “The only way to achieve equality in society is to achieve equality in the home. Getting fathers to share the parental leave is an essential part of that.” Often times feminists are fighting for women to have the same rights as men. A perfect example of this is in the workplace. People have been fighting for women to have the same chances and rights to jobs and having equal pay. Now this is very important and this fight is certainly not over but we all have to admit that this issue has made huge strides and is better.

I believe the next step is making sure men have the same rights as women without being looked down upon. In this instance I’m talking about men being able to stay home and take care of their children. This, is not having to fight for men being able to stay home. Men can do that without any fighting (with the exception that paternal leave is not as generous in America). The issue is, men are looked down upon when they take the role of the “woman”. (OR you will have the other problem: Men are seen as heroes and are praised when they help around the house and women are given no such recognition.)

I started thinking about this issue when I was in undergrad and we did a production of Bertolt Brecht’s, “Galileo”. Our director wanted to do a gender neutral production of it. However, it seemed that “gender neutral” meant women being able to play the male roles. (Of course part of the issue with that play is that there is only one female role and that school has a 3 to 1, female to male ratio). BUT…as I think about it, I have never seen a gender neutral play where men play women…it’s always just women playing men. The reason is because being a women is still considered to be lesser and men are not comfortable with it. When men play women it is humorous.

I believe it is men who need to be at the fore front of this issue. Men need to be asking for the same rights to stay at home and that nobody looks down upon them when they do that. It is already expected for mothers to stay at home when they have a newborn…that same expectation should be of the fathers. We should be striving for a parental leave…not the maternal/paternal leave. How does this happen? Men need to want it as much as women do.

We’ve already proven that women can do what men do. What needs to happen now is that we prove men can do what women do. AND we won’t have true gender equality until I am unable write sentences like that. People should be able to do what people do.

You can’t be a feminist if…

So I saw this blog post today at the Feminists For Choice site. It is a conversation with Peggy Cook who is a feminist who deals primarily with reproductive rights for women. It’s an interesting post and I encourage you to read the whole thing but I want to talk about one question in particular:

People often say, “you can’t be a feminist if . . .” What is one of your “secret indulgences” that you love, despite the feminist contradictions?
So many things! Really, I can’t get behind that “you can’t be a feminist if…” mentality. I don’t feel that anyone should be the gatekeeper of feminism. It is an accessible philosophy and should stay that way. And no one is perfect. We are all coping with something, and we are all trying to exist within an oppressive system. We do what we can to get by.
That said, there is a lot of “unfeminist” stuff that I love. The main thing I think all my friends would say about me would be Hello Kitty. I know the whole concept of her is totally infantile and silly – also, how creepy is it that she doesn’t have a mouth! – but I just love her. Another big one would be beauty pageants. I don’t know why. And in terms of day-to-day stuff, I love a lot of super cliche romcoms, and I like the way my legs feel when I shave them (plus all the millions of other ways I conform to the female beauty standard). But whatever. In the end, I think you always just have to follow your heart.”

I love that she says, “I don’t feel that anyone should be the gatekeeper of feminism.” I believe that there is no one one to be anything and that includes being a feminist. People have very different definitions about what being a feminist is and everyone needs to define what it means for themselves. She’s right…no one is perfect. We do what we can.