Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change (via GIS and Science)

Mapping Human Vulnerability to Climate Change First global map suggests climate change will have greatest impact 
on the populations least responsible for causing the problem Researchers already study how various species of plants and animals migrate in response to climate change. Now, Jason Samson, a PhD candidate in McGill University’s Department of Natural Resource Sciences, has taken the innovative step of using the same analytic tools to measure the impact of climate change on human pop … Read More

via GIS and Science


Review: “The Cove”

If you have yet to hear about “The Cove”, this is something you need to look up. This is a Documentary that was released in August of 2009. It has won most of the major awards for best documentary and is currently nominated for an academy award and is likely to win (and I think it should). It tells the story of the former dolphin trainer, Ric O’Barry, and his mission to bring to light the dolphin hunting/killings in Taiji, Japan. Ric O’Barry was at one time the most famous dolphin trainer alive as he was the original “Flipper” Trainer. It was not until Cathy (one of the “Flippers”) committed suicide in his arms that he realized that the captivity of dolphins is wrong and he therefore devotes his entire life to freeing dolphins. It’s a very moving story because he deals with this guilt because he was a part of the show that started the multi-million dollar industry of places such as “Sea World”. He believes that bringing to light the killings in Taiji will bring down the Dolphin show industry as this is where the majority of Dolphins are sold.

To shed light on Taiji, O’Barry teams up with director Louie Psihoyos to get actual footage of the killings. The problem is that the dolphins are brought to a very secret cove that is heavily guarded and no one is aloud in. People who have tried are always arrested. O’Barry has been arrested several times. O’Barry and Psihoyos develop a team to set up secret cameras in the cove to get footage of the dolphin killings. The team goes on 2 very dangerous night missions to place the secret cameras. They have a few underwater and construct cameras built into rocks to place on land. The rock cameras were so well hidden that they had trouble finding them afterwards. The movie is a build up to what you will see on that footage. We don’t see the footage until the last 15 minutes of the movie and what you see is disturbing and shocking. O’Barry has been displaying the footage as often as possibly. He sometimes wears a TV on his person as to display the footage in the streets.

The film also brings other things to light about mercury poisoning in dolphin meat. Because of this documentary, dolphin meat has been taken out of schools.

Thousands of Dolphins are killed every year and it is still going on today. The film leaves you with the question, “What will you do now?”

I cannot recommend the movie enough. It’s a beautifully shot film. Especially, all of the night scenes when they are going on their secret missions. “The Cove” brings to light a very serious issue in our world that not enough people know about. I have to ask myself what will I do now that I know this is happening? The only problem with the film is that it is an extremely one sided film. However, and I don’t say this much, I don’t care to hear the other side (and I know that’s a horrible thing to say). It’s hard to contradict the footage of the actual dolphin killings.

You must watch this film. It’s an important issue and something must be done about it.

I am a stage manager

I had to write this for a class and I thought I’d share it.

I am a stage manager. I am a part of the world that makes art happen. I want to be in an area that promotes art. I will be treated as an artist. I will be seen as a vital member of the art making team.
In theater, I am there to make sure stories are told. Whether the story is about our hopes, dreams, failures, passions…our stories must be told. In dance, I will help show the beauty of our bodies and movement. I will make sure stories are told through movement and without words.
I will be a part of art that supports and promotes women in the arts. Women directors and writers are few and far between because they are not recognized. I will seek out plays that are written by women and make sure that their stories are told. I will seek out plays that are directed by women and make sure that their vision is seen. I will seek out plays that are about women’s issues and make sure that our stories are told.
I will be a part of art that continually thinks about sustainability. I will make sure stories are told in a way that makes our world better and more beautiful. I will continue to think how I can include sustainability into my job and encourage others to do the same.
Storytelling is one of the most powerful ways to understand ourselves and humanity. I will help voices be heard and seen. I will be someone who helps tell stories and tells them well.

Environmentalism vs Feminism

So have you heard of Angry Green Girl? This is something I have just recently discovered. They have a great cause. They are all about saving the environment. Here is one clip. They are giving free car washes to environmentally friendly cars and they are not even using water.

After watching this I though this is a great cause but the way they were selling it seems sketchy. Here’s another clip.

I hate that these women are selling sex as way to protect the environment. As an environmentalist I appreciate what they do. As a feminist, I hate what they do.

Does this make what they are doing wrong because they are exploiting women like this? I don’t know. These Angry Green Girls have gotten a lot of attention which is a good, and yet, bad thing. I know it’s impossible to do anything without offending someone. I’m not sure what to think of them yet.

Why Not Be Green?

So I’m spending my summer in East Texas this summer and if you haven’t ever been here it is not the best place to try to “Go Green”. On the other hand it is the best place because many people in this area need to think more about be eco friendly. The company I’m working at, “The Texas Shakespeare Festival” is currently in the process of being green. I’m so excited about this!! I don’t think we are going to make huge progress in this…but every little bit helps.

This whole past year I’ve been learning a lot about what it means to be sustainable. I’m trying to include this into my life and my work as a stage manager. Therefore, when I talk about what I do know…it’s hard for me not to talk about sustainability. I recently just spent time with my family and I talked a little about this. While some listen and seemed to care, others didn’t. I felt like they were making fun of me. I don’t really understand that. My whole family is Christian and this seems like such an obvious thing for Christians to care about. We believe that God gave us this world to live on and I believe it is our responsibility to protect and preserve the home he gave us. I know they don’t agree with global warming which is fine. I do believe in global warming but this has very little to do with this. We should want to “be green” whether that was a factor or not. I truly believe we have a moral obligation to do everything we can to protect our world. The fact is that we are damaging our earth…and American more so than any other county by far. I don’t understand why people don’t care about this. Ignorance is not an option anymore. I’m certainly not perfect at it, but I am trying to learn about it.

I realize this can seem like such a hassle (and I hate that it is viewed that way). However, if everyone starts doing this then being green will be as normal and as easy as it is to be as wasteful as we are now.