Toddler’s & Tiaras

Alright…I know I don’t have to write a whole post about how ridiculous and creepy Beauty pageants for children are.  I hate that show “Toddler’s and Tiaras”.  I’ve only ever seen one episode and I’ve never been more disgusted in my life.

However, when I saw the video below I laughed my head off.  Hopefully it will let the rest of the world see just how ridiculous this whole beauty pageant thing is.


Rules I Never Thought I’d Need (via Tales from the Mom-Side)

I’m not a mom or anything…but I understand this. This is so funny!

When I pictured being a mom, I realized that it would be necessary to have rules of conduct for my child.  That being said, after over 6 years of being a mom, I have compiled a list of rules I never expected to need: Do not cut the screen out of its frame in the window.  (The need for this one arose when she was 6.) Do not put anything in your ear, including rocks, without consulting an adult first.  (Age 4.) Do not put anything in your nose, inc … Read More

via Tales from the Mom-Side

A Disturbing Video

I found this article the other day and it had a video attached to it. It’s about 8 year old Stevo Poulin. He’s this phenomenon in wrestling because kids that age shouldn’t be that good. I watched the video and I found it nothing but disturbing. Not that I’m against wrestling or anything, but it’s scary seeing such young trouble fight like this.