After 10 Years I’ve Decided to Forgive My Mom!

Roughly 10 years ago…when I was a junior in high school I was working as a nurses assistant in a nursing home. For someone of that age, I was actually able to make and save a good amount of money. Now…my family and I had lived in our new home for about a year and the one thing I absolutely hated about it was that we had no dish washer. At that point in my life there was nothing I hated more than doing dishes. I had become an expert at coming up with every excuse for not doing the dishes (my brother can vouch for this as I’m pretty sure he had to do more dishes than me :)).

My parents had always said that they would get a dish washer as soon as they had the money. However, mom’s priority was in buying a dining room table (which we also did not have). So I understood it would be a LONG time before we got a dish washer if they were going to save up for a table first. I might be in college by the time they could afford it and by then I would have little use for the dish washer. So…I had a talk with my parents about me paying for a dish washer. They said it would take about $350.

So I began saving my money and in about a month or 2 I gave my parents $350 to specifically by a dish washer. Let me explain that there was no confusion…they were suppose to use the money to buy a dish washer!!! However, one day there was a beautiful new dinning room table in the dinning room and no dish washer. I asked my mother about it and she reluctantly said they used the money to buy the table instead.

Well to say the least, I was angry. I have held this over my mother’s head for the last 10 years. Now they of course have more than made up for this instance by helping me out a lot in my life…but I still have always held a little grudge.

Today I started eating my meal in my bed as I always do. At that moment I wished I had a table to sit at. I love my new apartment but all I keep thinking is how I have no dinning room table. It’s the only thing missing. The remarkable thing is that I also have no dish washer and I could care less. All I want is a table. If I had the money I would buy a table before a dish washer any day.

So I’m writing this to say I forgive you mom. I’m finally in a position where I completely understand why you did what you did. I would do anything to have a table…even steal $350 from my daughter :).

Love you and happy birthday!


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