Environmentalism vs Feminism

So have you heard of Angry Green Girl? This is something I have just recently discovered. They have a great cause. They are all about saving the environment. Here is one clip. They are giving free car washes to environmentally friendly cars and they are not even using water.

After watching this I though this is a great cause but the way they were selling it seems sketchy. Here’s another clip.

I hate that these women are selling sex as way to protect the environment. As an environmentalist I appreciate what they do. As a feminist, I hate what they do.

Does this make what they are doing wrong because they are exploiting women like this? I don’t know. These Angry Green Girls have gotten a lot of attention which is a good, and yet, bad thing. I know it’s impossible to do anything without offending someone. I’m not sure what to think of them yet.


One comment on “Environmentalism vs Feminism

  1. Micah,

    I am with you on this one. I think Angry Green Girl is wrong on so many levels. Selling sex, while often effective seems put to strange use in a rather incoherent argument. As to the second video, I’m not sure I get the whole “You can’t have me” part. The script is telling us to care about global warming, but it’s also telling us scientists are lame, and learning the explanations behind global warming is unnecessary. i. e. It’s okay to be ignorant as long as you support the right cause. WHAT!?!?

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