My Trip to Texas

So I have been driving non stop for the last two days from LA to West Texas. It was a long trip but I like traveling by myself. However, usually when I take long trips there are things to keep me a wake such as scenery and changing roads and things like that. This time, however, I mainly drove through the middle of the desert on one road for 943 miles. I wish I could say more exciting things about this trip…but that’s pretty much all it was. It was probably the most boring drive I have ever been on. The most exciting part of the was me probably running over a bunny (as sad as that was it was nice to have something happen). I spent most of the time singing really loud to music. Yesterday I stopped in Midland, Texas to visit my some of my extended family and tomorrow I am off to Kennard, TX to visit my grandparents (another 10 hour drive). On Thursday I head off to Kilgore, TX for my summer job at the Texas Shakespeare Festival.


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