This Year and Looking Forward

Today is a new day. I have officially finished all my projects for the school year. I am moving on to thinking about this summer and my work for next year.

CalArts is a different kind of world. It took getting use to. Now that I hve been here for a year I know this is the best place for me to be right now. I have met some wonderful people here and I’m very proud of the work we do here…as strange as it may be sometimes. I appreciate what my teachers push me to do.

For the first time I feel as though I’m in a place that encourages me to be sustainable. I never felt like I was in an enviornment that thought about that sort of thing and so I didn’t really know how to be sustainable. Since being here I have met several people who are also interested in being sustainble and I have learned so much from them. I found ways to include this into my own ife and work.

I just recently finished stage managing “The Next Dance Company” – the graduating BFA4 class dance concert. Dance was new to me. I was eager to take on a new experience and I loved it. I was lucky enough that this concert went on to the RedCat theater in LA.

The next thing for me is my summer job. I will be the Assistant Stage Manager for three of the productions at the “Texas Shakespeare Festival”. I worked there two summers ago as one of the box office interns and am happy to back.

In this last week of school I will be packing and getting ready for what’s next.


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